Cheque Payment

Author: K. Lüders-Jensen (CRM)
Status: Draft Version 1, SEMPER internal
Date: $Date: 1997/10/09 12:59:50 $

The payment module has been extended in order to handle electronic cheques. The following classes and interfaces have been added:
  • public class Cheque
  • public abstract class ChequePurse extends AccountBasedPurse
  • public interface ChequePurseServices extends AccountBasedPurseServices
  • public abstract class ChequeTransactionRecord extends PaymentTransactionRecord
    The class Cheque has the following attributes:
  • _serialNumber
  • _issuingBank
  • _issuingAccount
  • _amount
  • _timeOfIssue
  • _endorsementInformation
    Most cheque systems, like Mandate, will need more attributes, so in most cases the adapter will have a class extending the Cheque class.
    ChequePurse extends AccountBasedPurse with the methods
  • getNumberOfCheques()
  • retrieveCheques()
    getNumberOfCheques allows the user to see how many blank cheques are left in the purse.
    retrieveCheques() returns a Vector containing the cheques currently in the purse (received cheques).
    ChequePurseServices extends AccountBasedPurseServices with the methods:
  • loadNewCheques() (similar to CashLikePurseService.withdraw())
  • endorseCheque() (send a received cheque to a third party)