Generic Payment Module and Adapter

Authors: J. L. Abad Peiro, N. Asokan (ZRL)
Editor: N. Asokan (ZRL)
Status: Draft Version. 1, SEMPER internal
Date: $Date: 1996/08/20 06:49:26 $

The purpose of this package is:
  • serve as an example for designers of adapters for real payment systems
  • serve as a means of testing the rest of the payment service block code

    The "generic" payment system is a dummy payment system in the account-based model. There is a single bank in the system which keeps track of users, their account numbers, and their account balances. To take money from an account, one must simply present the account number to the acquirer. All protocol flows are of the request/response type. There are four types of protocols:

    All protocol messages are objects of the semper.payment.generic.genericModuleMessage class. However, in a given flow of a protocol, only some fields are relevant, as indicated above.

    The payment system itself is implemented in the classes:

    on the user side and on the acquirer side.

    The "adapter" is implemented in the form of the classes:

    In order to make payments using the "generic" payment system, the acquirer must have been already running on an "acquirer host." The generic purses involved should have the address of the acquirer configured. Creation and configuration of generic purses can be driven in the same way as for any other purse (using the special business application for purse management).