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Payment Extension for the Transfer Layer

Author: N. Asokan (ZRL) (until Oct 31, 1997)
Editor:  N. Asokan (ZRL) (until Oct 31, 1997), J.Brauckmann (SRB)
Reviewer: T. Beiler (SRB)
@version [CVS] @(#) $Id: index.html,v 1.1 1997/07/29 07:32:02 semper Exp $

This package implements a "payment item" and related classes. Payment items implement the Transferable interface. Therefore, they can be transferred as described in the txlayer set of packages.


Compared to the initial version of this extension, the following issues are solved:


Various things are missing in this implementation because it is not clear how to support them. Throughout the code, places that need updates are marked by the string "TODO". Here is a list of known issues: