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Specific Journals

Publication ToC Text Others
BYTE text
Communications of the ACM (CACM) ToC
Computer and Communications Security Review Text
Computers and Security ToC
Computing Surveys (ACM) ToC
IBM Systems Journal ToC Text
IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking ToC
IEEE Internet Computing ToC Text
IEEE Cipher Text
IEEE Design & Test of Computers ToC
IEEE Internet Computing
IEEE Micro ToC
IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology ToC
IEEE Software ToC
IEEE Trans. on Communications current ToC
IEEE Trans. on Computers ToC
IEEE Trans. on Information Theory current ToC
IEEE Trans. on Parallel & Distributed Systems ToC
IEEE Trans. on Selected Areas in Communications current ToC
IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering ToC
Informatik-Spektrum ToC
Informatik - Forschung und Entwicklung ToC
Information and Computation ToC
Information Processing Letters ToC
Information Security Technical Report ToC
Journal of the ACM ToC ToC@ACM
Journal of Cryptology ToC text
Journal of Computer Security ToC
Network Security Newsletter ToC
Proceedings of the IEEE current ToC
SIAM Journal on Computing ToC Accepted Papers
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics ToC Accepted Papers
Theoretical Computer Science ToC
Trans. on Computer Systems (ACM TOCS) ToC
Trans. on Database Systems (ACM TODS) ToC
Trans. on Information Systems (ACM TOIS) ToC
Trans. on Prog. Languages a. Systems (ACM TOPLAS) ToC

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