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Security and Cryptography

Remark: Other security related references are on the "Organizations", "Privacy", "Standards" and "Conferences" pages. 


Standards and Protocols

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Introductions to Cryptography

Specific Topics

Cryptography, Security, and Politics

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General Information on "Computers and Law"

Digital Signatures

Privacy, Encryption, Export Control, and Key Recovery

Documents in English [... in German]

Documents in German [... in English]

Cryptographic Toolkits/Libraries

Secure Hardware, Smartcards

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Information Hiding (Steganography, Fingerprinting)

Alert Sites

Collections of Pointers

Virtual Libraries

Individual Collections

Listed in alphabetical order. A very well structured collection is the International Cryptography Pages compiled by Tatu Ylönen. Ron Rivest maintains a very comprehensive collection on pointers realated to cryptography, and the IBM ERS maintains a very comprehensive collection on pointers realated to security in general. John Young maintains a list of news related to security.



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