Michael Steiner

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SIRENE was frozen in Summer 2002. Therefore, below information might not be uptodate anymore. Assuming ACM does not change again their URLs for the "member home-page forwarding", you will find my current coordinates via http://vcard.acm.org/~steiner ...

Contact Information

Position Head of the Cryptography & Security Group (Lehrstuhlvertretung)
Computer Science Department, Universität Saarbrücken
Adress Fachbereich Informatik
Universität Saarbrücken Gebäude 45, 5th Floor
Im Stadtwald
D-66123 Saarbrücken
E-Mail steiner@cs.uni-sb.de, steiner@acm.org
(Note that you can send secure e-mails to me based on this PGP key)
WWW http://www.semper.org/sirene/people/sti/
Phone +49-681-3025631
Fax +49-681-3024631

Further Information

My Curriculum Vitae (PDF) and the list of my publications tells you more on me... See also the SIRENE pages to find out more on the area, namely security and cryptography, in which I work.

Finally, my motto: Learning the art of flying: "throwing yourself at the ground and miss" (Douglas Adams, "Life, the Universe and Everything")
(Therefore, it is also not a coincidence that my favorite sport is soaring, where I am an active member of the SG Dittingen.)

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